Yangyang uses her ultimate in Wuthering Waves.
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Wuthering Waves: The Best Yangyang Build

I am the storm that is approaching.

Yangyang is the first person you meet after waking up in Wuthering Waves. Here’s the best possible build for Yangyang in Wuthering Waves.

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How to Build Yangyang in Wuthering Waves

Yangyang is a 4-star Aero Resonator who lands on the B-tier in our tier list. She can recover Energy with her Outro Skill and she’s a great sub-DPS since she requires little on-field time. Her ultimate can also force enemies together. Here’s the best build for Yangyang in Wuthering Waves that makes the most of these strengths.

The Best Weapon for Yangyang in Wuthering Waves

Yanyang holds the Emerald of Genesis sword.
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Since Yangyang is a 4-star unit, she doesn’t have her own signature weapon. That’s why the best gear for her is Emerald of Genesis, which has a CRIT Rate sub-stat. This sword can also boost her Energy Regen, letting her use her ultimate more often.

Other viable weapons for Yangyang are:

  • Lunnar Cutter
  • Commando of Conviction
  • Lumingloss
  • Originite: Type II
  • Scale: Slasher

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The Best Echoes for Yangyang in Wuthering Waves

Yangyang equips the Sierra Gale Echo set.
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Yangyang is meant to be a sub-DPS, so you can either give her Sierra Gale or Moonlit Clouds. The Moonlit Clouds set can increase her Energy Regen and offers an ATK buff. On the other hand, the Sierra Gale set can boost her Aero DMG.

  • Main Echo:
    • Moonlit Clouds: Bell-Borne Geochelone
    • Sierra Gale: Feilian Beringal
  • Main Stats Priority:
    • 4-Cost: CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG
    • 3-Cost: Aero DMG or Energy Regen
    • 1-Cost: ATK%
  • Sub-stats Priority:
    • Energy Regen
    • CRIT Rate
    • CRIT DMG
    • ATK%
    • Flat ATK
    • Resonance Liberation DMG

The Best Forte Priority for Yangyang in Wuthering Waves

Yangyang's Forte abilities in Wuthering Waves.
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  • First Priority: Resonance Liberation and Resonance Skill
  • Second Priority: Forte Circuit
  • Third Priority: Intro Skill and Basic Attack

Yangyang’s Resonance Liberation should be your main priority when upgrading her Forte. Since she is a sub-DPS, she will deal most of her damage via her ultimate. Afterward, you can upgrade her Resonance Skill as a secondary damage source.

Her Forte Circuit is also worthwhile to level up since it can also boost Yangyang’s damage. Yangyang’s Intro Skill and Basic Attack are not that important to upgrade. Unlike her other abilities, they don’t offer as much DPS, so they’re not high on the priority list.

The Best Resonance Chain for Yangyang in Wuthering Waves

Yangyang's Resonance Chain.
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Obtaining Yangyang’s Resonance Chain is important since she’s not strong at S0. The best Resonance Chains to unlock for her are her S5 and S6. Yanyang’s S5, Wind Whisper in Harmony, can increase her Resonance Liberation Wind Spiral’s damage by 85%. While her S6, A Tribute to Life’s Sweet Hymn, lets her buff her allies’ ATK after using her mid-air attack Feather Release. Both are strong options.

Wuthering Waves is available now for Android, iOS, PlayStation, and PC.

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