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All Ice Cream Partners Rewards & Milestones in Monopoly GO

Get ready to get your favorite flavor when the Ice Cream truck rolls around.

Getting an ice cold ice cream is one of the best parts of Summer, so get ready for the Ice Cream Partners event in Monopoly GO by checking out all of the rewards you can earn by hitting milestones. Let’s jump right in and find our favorite flavors together.

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All Rewards & Milestones for Ice Cream Partners in Monopoly GO – Listed

Below, you’ll find all of the rewards you and your partners can earn during the Ice Cream Partners event in Monopoly GO, including the chance to take home a brand new token, alongside plenty of dice to use during the Vacation Voyage event. Thanks to the Monopoly GO Wiki, I was able to put together this easy-to-read table for your viewing pleasure.

Level 12,500 Points200 Dice
Level 2 6,000 PointsCash
Level 313,000 PointsPink Safe, Cash, 200-300 Dice
Level 426,500 PointsYellow Safe, High Roller Boost, 300-500 Dice, Pink Sticker Pack
Level 532,000 PointsIce Cream Safe, Cash Frenzy Boost, Cash, 400-600 Points, Blue Sticker Pack
Grand Prize (All Buildings Completed)80,000 Points per BuildingDice Chest, Purple Sticker Pack, Ice Cream Truck Toekn

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How Long Is The Ice Cream Partners Event in Monopoly GO?

The Monopoly GO Ice Cream Partners event starts on July 10 and runs until July 15, 2024. This gives you around 5 days to complete all of these buildings and believe me, you’re going to need all the time you can get.

How To Play & Win The Ice Cream Partners Event

If you’re hoping to succeed during the Ice Cream Partners event, you may be looking for some extra help. I’ve got your backs on this end, as the Partner Events can be some of the most tricky to navigate without destroying a few friendships in the process.

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick your partners. If you’ve been playing for a while, you likely have a dependable squad of players that you can pick from to ensure that you’re getting all of your buildings done on time. If not, find your friends that you know play the game often, and send them a request to join up.

You’ll also want to keep your eyes peeled on your Quick Wins for the day, as they’re one of the fastest ways to rack up plenty of Popsicles for your building purposes. Play through the Events and Tournaments that are going on to also get plenty of these items, as you’ll need a fair number of them to reach the end successfully.

I recommend rolling the wheel with 100 Popsicles at a time. It’s going to take a while before you may hit this number of them, but the point-to-reward ratio is quite well. Sure, there are still some stinkers for point values on here, but if you hit that 10k point slice on the wheel, there’s nothing that feels better. Feel free to adjust the number of points that you’re using higher or lower based on your personal preference.

You’ll also see Popsicle Tokens around the board as different pickups, so make sure that you’re rolling with a multiplier before you land on one of those. This way, you’ll increase the number of Popsicles that you earn after snagging one of those for your collection.

And finally, you won’t be able to roll often if you don’t have any dice, now will you? Be sure to check out our free dice links page every day during this event, as it’s updated daily with new links. This is going to be one of the best ways to ensure you’ve always got enough dice to make it around the board throughout the day.

Unfortunately, unlike the free dice links that we posted above, Scopely does not hand out any free Popsicles during this event. You’ll need to depend on the Events, Tournaments, and daily Quick Wins to get your hands on these items.

If your friends are lucky enough to land on Partner Spaces when they’re spinning, they can also send you an equal number of Popsicles to what they just spun with. It’s a great feeling to see your Popsicles go up in number after you come across a loaded inbox.

If you’re looking for more, check out our article covering all current and present Monopoly GO events, tournaments, games, and some FAQs. The game is available now on mobile.

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