Find Secret Items in Prey With All the Smuggler’s Dead Drop Locations

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Earn the “Black Market” achievement / trophy and complete the “Talos Smuggling Ring” sidequest with all the hidden Prey [2017] Dead Drop locations.

While the sidequest doesn’t start until Yu reaches the Arboretum, the dead drops can be collected at any point in the game — if you know where to find them. These tricky, hidden stashes can be found as early as the Talos 1 Lobby area, but unlocking them requires a special trick.

We’ll explain again below, but to open a Dead Drop, you’ll need to hit the red alarm bell panel three times with the wrench. Nothing else will work. There are six of these panels in total, and each one contains some Neuromods.

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Smuggler’s Dead Drops Locations | Black Market Guide

There are a total of 6 Dead Drops hidden across the Talos 1 Station. Normally, you won’t start collecting them until you listen to the Lilly Morris transcribe in the Arboretum area, but Dead Drops can be found and collected at any point in the game.

  • NOTE: To begin the Dead Drop quest “Talos Smuggling Ring”, collect the transcribe located near Lilly Morris’s body. The body is found in the Lobby hallway of the Arboretum.

Each dead drop contains a Neuromod and some bonus items, so they’re worth tracking down. All dead drops are located in the bright red alarm bell panels mounted on the walls of the station. If you spot one, hit it with your wrench three times to open it.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop #1: Talos 1 Lobby – Found in the Level 1 Exhibit Hall, on the wall directly opposite the Neuromod display case.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop #2: Talos 1 Lobby – Look in the restroom hallway behind the Employee Orientation room on Level 1 of the lobby. There’s a seating area, and the alarm panel is mounted on the wall directly above that.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop #3: Hardware Labs – Enter the Atrium of the Hardware Labs and take the lift up to Level 2. Find the large statue (with the words “The Last Frontier is the-” written on the plaque) and you’ll find the dead drop on the wall behind this statue.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop #4: Arboretum – Find Lilly Morris’ body in the Lobby hallway of the Arboretum, then look for the red alarm bell. Hit the panel with your wrench to open it.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop #5: Crew Quarters – Enter the Fitness Center through the main Crew Cabins door and look down the right hallway to spot this high alarm in the corner. You’ll need to use the GLOO Gun to reach it.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop #6: Cargo Bay – Go up the lift in Shipping and Receiving and enter the Cargo Shipment Control Center. The dead drop is on the wall to the left as you enter.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked:

Black Market:
You found all the Smuggler’s Dead Drops.

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