Die In The First 5 Minutes With This Prey Easter Egg

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Unlock the “No Show” achievement and earn yourself an extremely premature death with this hilariously early Easter egg “ending” available right in the opening to Prey.

Prey is all about exploring a massive, open space station — but it doesn’t start out that way. Before you arrive on the station, you’ll start your day like any normal Earthbound individual. Waking up in a completely average apartment, a helicopter arrives to take you to your new job in the stars.

That’s where things go wrong. Learn all about this ridiculous “ending” and see how to earn yourself a quick, miss-able achievement / trophy in the prologue of Prey.

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“No Show” Achievement / Trophy Guide | Death Easter Egg

To unlock “No Show” — you’ll need to start the game fresh. Starting in your apartment, you’ll begin the quest “First Day on the Job” and collect your red gear.

Leaving the apartment, you’ll need to take the elevator up to the roof. Through the door ahead, you’ll reach the helipad and board to begin your new interstellar career.

That’s the plan, anyway. You can end everything right away with this helicopter. No, you can’t jump straight into the blades. You’ll have to improvise — jump onto the nose of the chopper and walk up the front windows to step directly into the spinning blades.

With this instant death, you’ll unlock “No Show” and put an end to the adventure. Death usually doesn’t come this early, but this kind of Easter egg explores why Prey is special — you can interact with the environment in surprising ways. Sometimes, that means Ms. Yu can kill herself in surprising ways.

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Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • No Show:
    You died to helicopter blades on your first day on the job.

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