Stay alive in Life Support and load up on even more collectibles or rare items with the next Prey [2017] locations guide.

After picking the Cargo Bay clean, it’s time to fully explore the larger Life Support section. This area features multiple large sub-sections with their own unique side quests — you can even lace the water supply with psychic drugs, turning every water fountain into a psi hypo.

There are more rare fabrication plans here, including a suit repair kit fabrication plan. There are also plans for quest-specific items that won’t do much for you in the field, but you’ll need them to complete optional tasks. Check out locations for all the transcribes, employees, neuromods and more with the list below.

All Collectibles Locations Guide | Life Support

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Employees: Ari Liudnarht, Augusto Vera, Carol Sikes, Erica Teague – There are four dead bodies near the bulkhead door to the Talos 1 Lobby in the ruined Life Support hallway.

Transcribes #1, #2: There are two transcribes you can collect with the dead bodies. One is on the floor next to Carol Sikes, the other is on Erica Teague’s dead body.

LS Security Booth Safe Keycode: 0818 – On the note, found on Erica Teague’s dead body.

Employee: Tobias Frost – Corpse in the maintenance shaft, near the Talos 1 Lobby bulkhead.

Transcribe: The body in the maintenance shaft is also carrying a transcribe, along with the Psychoactive Particle Injector, a special quest-related item.

Employee: Alton Weber – Found in the entrance to the unisex restroom near the Security Station.

Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan: This plan is carried by the corpse of Alton Weber in the restroom down the hall from the Talos 1 Lobby bulkhead.

Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan: In the fallen shelf blocking the entrance into the Medbay area, on the second floor.

Neuromod: In the large metal shelf, inside the Medbay.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Located in a red container, inside the Service Requests office.

Suit Repair Fabrication Plan: In the Service Requests office, on the main floor of the Life Support area.

Employee: Raya Leiruat – At the fork, in Level B2, near the bulkhead to the Power Plant.

Neuromod x3: Located in the Supply Closet (Keycode: 5105) at the bottom of the Grav Lift.

Nullwave Transmitter Fabrication Plan: Inside the shelves container, locked in the supply closet with the Neuromod drop.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Also found in the shelves container, inside the Supply Closet.

Employee: Max Weigel-Goetz – One of the trickier dead employees is located on the white pipes above the supply closet, at the bottom of the grav lifts. Use the GLOO Cannon to climb up and find him.

Air Mixture Regulator Fabrication Plan: The fabrication plan for this quest-critical item is found on a dead body, on the white pipes high above the supply closet at the bottom of the Life Support grav lifts.

Security Station

Email #1, #2, #3: There are three emails on the security booth workstation.

Silenced Pistol Fabrication Plans: In the safe, in the Security Booth near the Talos 1 Lobby bulkhead. Use the code found on a note, carried by a nearby dead body.

Neuromod x2: There are also two neuromods in the security booth safe.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Find one Weapon Upgrade Kit on top of the safe in the Life Support security booth.

Atmosphere Control

Employee: Alan Bianchi – Dead body near the fan control terminal.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Found on the body of Alan Bianchi, on the second floor of Atmosphere Control, next to the fan control workstation.

Email #1: On the unlocked terminal in the Air Filtration Control office.

Transcribe: On a desk in the Air Filtration Control office.

Supply Closet Keycode: 5101 – The code is on a note in the Oxygen Flow Control room.

Escape Pod Bay

Employee (Phantom) + Transcribe: Kirk Remmer – The phantom of a former employee wanders the Escape Pod Bay. Take it out to find a transcribe log on the corpse.

Employees: Anong Lao, Umi Isaka, Angela Diaz, Hank Majors, Emily Carter – There are many, many bodies found in the Escape Pod Bay. Open all the sealed pods with the exterior buttons to find more bodies inside.

Transcribe: On the corpse of Emily Carter, inside the second pod on the left.

Water Treatment Facility

Employee: Cynthia Dringus – Corpse found near the entrance to the Water Treatment Facility. Force the door open to reach her. She’s also carrying a chipset.

Employee: Roger Meir – Dead body found near the broken junction, to the left of the entrance and under the stairs.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: On the dead body of Roger Meir.

Employee: Kane Rosito – Corpse stuck under a massive H2O tank on the right side of the center floor.

Email #1, #2: There are two emails on Price Broadway’s workstation in the Monitoring Station office.

Email #1: On the neighboring, unlocked terminal, you’ll find another unread email.

Employee: Pablo Meyers – Dead body on the catwalk linking the Monitoring Station with the Water Quality Lab.

Employee: Price Broadway – This corpse is inside the eel tank at the bottom of the Water Treatment Facility. Unlock the eel harvesting terminal from Price Broadway’s workstation up in the Monitoring Station, then select to harvest the eels with the terminal at the bottom of the grav lifts. His body will drop out of the tank.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Found on Price Broadway’s corpse.

Neuromod x1: Also on the corpse of Price Broadway.

Neuromod x2: On a crash cart in the Water Quality Lab.

Employee: Johnny Brungen – Corpse out on the floor of the Water Quality Lab. Use mimic to slip through the wrecked door or GLOO up to the wrecked catwalk.

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