Get Empathetic With These Steps To Unlock Prey‘s Best Ending

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There is a hidden morality system in Prey [2017] that determines your ending. If you don’t want to miss the most empathetic conclusion, check out everything you’ll need to complete (and what to avoid) with the ‘I And Thou’ ending guide.

Being empathetic isn’t easy when you’re trapped on a station with no memories. It isn’t always clear who you can trust, and making the right call while alien lifeforms breathe down your neck isn’t exactly easy.

Below, we’ve listed all the tasks you’ll need to unlock the best possible ending in Prey — the game remembers everything you do, so try to be nice.

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To earn the best possible ending, you’ll need to earn “Empathy” — empathy is the morality system of Prey. The system is completely invisible, but you’ll only get the ‘best’ ending if you’ve earned a high empathy score.

What does that mean? There is no exact path to unlock ‘I And Thou’ — actually, you’re mostly free to follow your own whims. But, you’ll need to do more bad than good in your playthrough.

To guarantee you get the final choice at the end of the game, you’ll need to…

  • 1. Save Aaron Ingram (Psychotronics)
  • 2. Save Dayo Ingwe (Talos 1 Exterior)
  • 3. Save Sarah Elazar (Cargo Bay)
  • 4. Save Mikhaila Ilyushin (Power Plant)
  • 5. Save Alex Yu (Arboretum)

All of these characters are trapped in life-or-death situations when you encounter them as you progress through the story. Make sure you save them all, and you’ll (almost) always earn the best ending.

There are other ways to increase your empathy, too. Doing the following will help your score:

  • Spare at least 10 mind-controlled humans.
  • Spare Dahl (Don’t Kill Him)
  • Save the crew during the ‘Dahl’s Ultimatum’ quest.
  • Complete ‘Escape Attempt’ quest.
  • Complete ‘Mikhaila’s Father’ quest.
  • Don’t lie to Mikhaila in the ‘Mikhaila’s Father’ quest.
  • Bring Gustaf Leitner’s Connectome to Dr. Igwe.
  • Help Luther Glass.
  • Complete ‘Danielle Sho’ quest.

NOTE: It’s important that you don’t kill Sarah Elazar, Dayo Ingwe and Mikhaila Ilyushin all in the same playthrough. This will LOCK OUT the empathy ending.

That’s basically everything you need to know. Don’t kill plot important characters, don’t kill mind-controlled humans, and try to help people whenever you can. You don’t even need to save every mind-controlled person — you don’t need to save any, technically, but sparing 10 will help.

Complete the following steps above, and wait until after the credits. It doesn’t matter what choice you make at the end of the game — destroy the station or use the Nullwave.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

I And Thou:
You completed the game in the most empathetic way possible.

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