Get An Infinite Supply of Materials in Prey With This Duplication Trick

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In Prey if you want to craft awesome items, you’re going to need plenty of materials. Don’t got enough materials? Not a problem. Just use the Recycler to duplicate all your material resources at no cost.

This little trick essentially allows Ms. Yu to earn an infinite supply of materials. Even if you’ve just got a handful of mats, you can copy and dupe your way into the big leagues. It doesn’t cost a cent, and there’s no real drawback here. This barely counts as an exploit.

Really, you’re just gaming the recycling system. Below, we’ll offer a super-quick explanation, revealing how this recycler trick works in Prey. All you need is a bunch of materials and the will to split mats up to make this weird, useful little trick work wonders.

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[NOTE: This duplication method only works for materials. Weapons, ammo, food or other items will not work.]

This duping method requires that you use the “Recycler” device — any Recycler will do. The Recycler allows Mr. Yu to process items into basic materials that can later be used for crafting.

You can even Recycler materials. Duplicating is actually incredibly simple. All it takes is a stack of materials. If you split the stacks, you’ll double your materials in an instant.

Here’s exactly how it works, step-by-step:

  • 1. Find a Recycler.
  • 2. Place a stack of [10] of any material into the Recycler.
  • 3. Split the stack of [10] — split until you have [10] sticks of [1] material each.
  • 4. Press the recycle button.
  • 5. Collect your duplicated materials!

You can check how many materials you’ll get at any step of the process. Place a stack of 10 in the Recycler, and you’ll see that you’ll get 10 materials in return — place 10 stacks of 1 material each, and you’ll get 20 materials in return.

No, it doesn’t really make sense, but it works! Give it a try when you’re running low on materials and want to craft that next great item. It’s a pretty nifty little trick.

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