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Take a trip to the Shuttle Bay and scavenge every collectible, Neuromod, Weapon Upgrade Kit and Fabrication plan with this item locations guide for the final explorable area of Prey [2017].

The last location Morgan Yu can access on the Talos 1 Station is only unlocked after rebooting the reactor. The door is unlocked, and you can begin exploring before activating the end-game and dealing with the dangerous events that unfold on the station.

Like the Power Plant, the Shuttle Bay is a pretty huge location, but there aren’t a ton of items and collectibles to uncover. You’ll need to look in very specific spots to get everything you need. Check out the list before for all the locations we’ve found.

All Collectibles Locations Guide | Shuttle Bay

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates.]

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Inside the “Information” booth straight ahead and to the right as you enter from the Talos 1 Lobby bulkhead.

Email #1: There one unread email on the Security Station terminal, in the Information booth. Use Hack 2 to access it.

Employee: Blaine Cooly – Dead body locked inside the Information booth, on the floor with a shotgun.

Neuromod x1: There’s one Neuromod on the ground, near Blaine Cooly’s corpse in the Information booth.

Employee: Tom “Buzz” Cooper – Found in the Employee Entrance hallway, near the grav lifts.

Emails #1, #2, #3: Access the terminal in the Level 1 Engineering Pit, above the Mechanic Facilities door, to read these three emails. You’ll need Hack 2 to unlock the workstation.

Wrench Fabrication Plan: Take the stairs down from the locked terminal in the center of the Engineering Pit to find a small seating area in the cage. To the right of the dead body, find this plan on the blue chair.

Employee: Scott Parker – Seated in a blue chair, right next to the Wrench Fabrication Plan. He’s also carrying an extra Shuttle Control Room keycard.

Employee: Lloyd Thompson – In the lowest section of the Engineering Pit, find a corner with multiple radioactive canisters. There’s a dead body in this corner.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: On the dead body of Lloyd Thompson, at the bottom level of the Engineering Pit.

Sky Lounge

Employee + Transcribe: Eddie Voss – Dead on the carpet in the small Sky Lounge to the left as you enter from the Talos 1 Lobby. The body is carrying a transcribe log.

Employee: David Simmonds – In the seating area to the right, from the Talos 1 Lobby entrance.

Pilot Planning Room

Suit Repair Kit Fabrication Plan: On the wooden table near the locked door entrance.

Shuttle Control Room Keycard: Also on the table near the locked door to the Pilot Planning Room, labeled the “Pilot’s Lounge” outside. Use Hack 3 or find the keycode to open the door.

Employee + Transcribe: Galel Seif – Body found in the pilot’s conference room, on the floor. Is carrying a transcribe audio log.

Neuromod x1: On the same desk as the Suit Repair Fabrication Plan and the keycard.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: In one of the metal lockers, in the Pilot Planning Room, directly right as you enter.

Tooling Room

Employee: Mary Stevens – Dead body in the Tooling Room, to the left through the locked door into the Mechanics Facilities. There are lots of useful scrap parts on the shelves behind her.

Emails #1, #2: Check the unlocked workstation in the Tooling Room for two unread emails. From this terminal, you can also reactivate the grav lifts in this area.

GLOO Cannon Fabrication Plan: In the backroom from the Tooling Room in the Maintenance Facilities area. Use GLOO to stop the fire blocking the doorway and find this plan straight ahead.

Neuromod x1: On the same desk as the GLOO Cannon Fabrication Plan.

Flight Control

Employee: Mia Bayer – Corpse in a chair, in the Flight Control room at the top of the Shuttle Bay.

Transcribe: On the desk, right next to Mia Bayer’s location.

Neuromod x1: Same place as the transcribe.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: On the desk to the right of Mia Bayer’s body.

Mia Bayer’s Office

Email #1, #2, #3: Unlock Mia Bayer’s workstation with Hack 3 to access these emails.

Neuromod x2: Two Neuromods are locked in the safe in Mia Bayer’s office. Use Hack 3 to unlock the safe and get these mods.

Escape Pod Bay

Employee + Transcribe: Nils Kjaergaard – On the walkway entrance to the Escape Pod Bay, underneath the Shuttle Bay. The body is carrying a transcribe audio log.

Employee: Donald “Skipper” Hall – Corpse on the raised catwalk leading to the left pods.

Employee: Todd Matsuyama – On the left walkway, at the empty pod hatch.

Employee: Leon Woods – Reaching for the button to the center pod, on the right side.

Employee + Transcribe: Drew Springer – On the central walkway in the bay, near the maintenance hatch terminal. The body has a transcribe to collect.

Chipset: Finally, there’s a hidden chipset in the broken pod. Use Mimic or Remote Manipulation to grab the chipset inside the pod through the broken door.

Command Shuttle

NOTE: The Command Shuttle only appears after the “Repo Man” main quest begins.

Neuromod x1: There’s one single Neuromod charge on the table.

Email #1: While accessing the terminal for the “Repo Man” quest, you can also find an exclusive unread email.

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