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Take a trip to a private Garden of Eden in Prey [2017] with all emails, employees, guns, fabrication plans, neuromods and more — everything you’ll want to grab in the Arboretum section of Talos 1.

The Arboretum is a relatively small area compared to other locations on Talos 1. There are only a handful of landmarks — you’ll be able to explore an infested Greenhouse, a beautiful garden, and Alex Yu’s opulent office. The Arboretum is a hub that connects to the Crew Quarters, the Bridge.

Track down all the useful (and not-so-useful) collectibles and items in the Arboretum with the huge list of locations below.

All Collectibles Locations Guide | Arboretum

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates.]

Loading Bay

Employee + Neuromod x1 + Stun Gun + Transcribe: Jia Kyung-Ho – By a red toolbox, near the fabricator and recycler in the Loading Bay. Carries a Transcribe, a Neuromod, and a Stun Gun.

Employee Marc Sellers – Hanging from the open maintenance hatch to the right of the exit door in the Loading Bay.

Main Area

Employee Jenny King – Located outside the hallway to the Talos 1 Lobby elevator.

Disruptor Battery Fabrication Plan: The body of Jenny King is carrying a fabrication plan for disruptor ammo.

Employee: Edna Burton – Dead, around back and behind the Green House.

Employee + Shotgun: Evelyn McCarthy – On the stairs leading up to the Green House generator / shed. There’s a shotgun by her body.

Employee: Genndy Mironov – The body is on top of the leaf-shaped rooftop opposite the Lobby doors. Jump down from the Green House walkway to find him.

Employee: Iris Stein – On the small path to the chess seating area just south of the Weapons Locker on the map.

Julien Howard’s Workstation Password: Found on a clipboard next to Iris Stein’s corpse.

Neuromod x1: On the chess table just south of the Weapons Locker on the map.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Also found in the chess nook with the Neuromod and Iris Stein’s body.

Employee + Silenced Pistol: Thomas Tucker – At the inactive Looking Glass Scene Selector seating area. He’s also carrying an extra Silenced Pistol.

Starbender Book 4: On the JFK memorial bench, directly west from the lift to Alex Yu’s office on the map.

Employee + Transcribe: Marietta Kyrkos – Found on the stone foundation beneath Alex Yu’s office. Drop down onto the rocks and look beneath the metal floor of Alex’s office to locate the body and transcribe.

Jada Marks’ Cabin Keycard: The body of Marietta Kyrkos is carrying a keycard to Jada Marks’ cabin in the Crew Quarters.

Green House

Employees: Rani Chaudhary, Mickey Pitt Sr., Rodney S. Poole – There are three mind-controlled employees in the Green House. Whether they live or die, you’ll find them inside.

Storage AR01 Keycode: Given by Rani Chaudhary if you save her in the Greenhouse.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: One weapon upgrade kit is carried by Rodney S. Poole.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Find a second kit on the white cargo bundles in the back-right corner of the Greenhouse.

Weapons Locker

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Found in the AR01 Weapons Locker. Get the keycode if you rescue Rani in the Greenhouse.

Shotgun, Silenced Pistols (x2): The armory also houses a stock of extra weapons you can pilfer.

Crew Quarters Passage

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Hack the door to the Security Station (Hack 2) to gain access to the map download on the workstation and this upgrade kit.

Psi Hypo Fabrication Kit: Found in a locker, in the Crew Quarters passage security station.

Employee + Shotgun: Lizzy Colton – Dead, downstairs at the Crew Quarters bulkhead. Is carrying a shotgun and some ammo.

Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan: Carried by Lizzy Colton, near the Crew Quarters bulkhead door.

Level 2 – Maintenance Area

NOTE: This area does not appear on the map. Smash through the windows to the left / right of the Lobby bulkhead to reach this hidden section.

Employee: Carin Buckley – Carin, and a bunch of items, are in the cage structure in the back-right corner of the maintenance area. Open the door and move the heavy cargo (Leverage 3) to reach her.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Found next to Carin Buckley.

Shotgun Fabrication Kit: Also found next to Carin Buckley’s body, in the sealed Level 2 cage area.

Talos 1 Lobby Passage

Employee + Transcribe: Lily Morris – Find Lily Morris on one of the stone creek paths in the hallway leading to the lobby bulkhead. She’s also carrying a transcribe that begins the Smuggler’s Dead Drop quest.

Smuggler’s Dead Drop + Neuromod x1: The first hidden cache is located directly above Lily Morris. Hit the red alarm bell three times with a wrench to open it.

Alex’s Office

Neuromod Fabrication Plan: Available to download on Alex’s computer.

Emails #1, #2, #3, #4: There are four emails to view on Alex Yu’s computer. You’ll need the password or Hack 4 to log in.

Neuromod x1: There’s one neuromod syringe on the platform with Alex Yu’s escape pod.

Neuromod x1: Take this Neuromod off Alex’s desk.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: There’s a weapon upgrade kit in the seating area, near the fireplace.

Alex Yu’s Suite Keycard: Locked up in Alex Yu’s safe. The safe is through the maintenance hatch in his office. You’ll need Leverage 2 to move the heavy object, and Hack 3 to open it.

Transcribe + Neuromod x2: Alex Yu’s safe also contains a transcribe and two Neuromods.

Deep Storage Passage

Employee + Transcribe + Silenced Pistol Zachary West – Right next to the Deep Storage door. The corpse is also carrying a transcribe and a silenced pistol.

Crew Quarters Keycard: The keycard for the Crew Quarters is on Zackary West’s corpse.

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