Prey Collectibles, Upgrades & Items Guide | Talos 1 Bridge


See where the magic happens in Prey [2017] with this penultimate locations guide, taking Morgan Yu to the Bridge of the Talos 1 Station on our (almost) endless search for collectibles, Neuromods, Weapon Kits and Fabrication Plans.

The Bridge is accessible through the Arboretum, and is available to explore early in the game. Once you have access to the Arboretum, you can take an optional trip to the bridge. We opted to save this location for last, but it’s very possible to explore the entire area before beginning the Deep Storage quest.

See how to enter every locked room, where to get keycards and keycodes, and what awesome items are waiting to be pillaged in the Talos 1 Bridge with the full locations guide below.

All Collectibles Locations Guide | Talos 1 Bridge

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates.]

Employee: Matt Cothron – There’s a corpse in the railing, near the Arboretum bulkhead door.

Silenced Pistol Ammo Fabrication Plan: On the body of Matt Cothron.

Command Deck

Transcribe: Near the workstation, to the right as you enter the Command Deck from the Arboretum bulkhead.

Employee: Izumi Minami – A corpse on a chair to the right, in the corner near the previous transcribe.

Transcribe: On the desk next to the corpse of Izumi Minami.

Email #1, #2, #3: On the workstation to the left of the Briefing Room.

Employee: Omar Bolivar – Corpse down in the lower section of the Command Deck, on the right edge of the “Navigation” station.

Briefing Room Keycard: On the dead body of Omar Bolivar.

Email #1: On the workstation to the left of the “Navigation” desk.

Briefing Room

Medkit Fabrication Plan: In the metal laboratory cabinet to the right as you enter the Briefing Room.

Employee: Perry Fullbright – On the dead body to the left of the Briefing Room, near the safe.

Employee: Skye Braxton – On the Briefing Room conference table. The body also has a chipset.

Captain’s Loft

Employee: Bill Nixon-Greene – The body is under the red sofa in the Captain’s Loft. The corpse is also carrying an extra Briefing Room keycard.

Employee + Transcribe: Jada Marks – Another corpse is found near the “Shuttle Advent Status” workstation.

Jada Marks’ Cabin Keycard: The keycard is on the corpse of Jada Marks.

Neuromod x1: Another useful item carried by Jada Marks, on her dead body.

Email #1, #2: Two emails are on the central desk in the middle of the Captain’s Loft.

Escape Pod Bay

Employees: Sadie Hall, Gordon Bitz – Two dead bodies are near the first escape pod on the right.

EMP Charge Fabrication Plan: In a briefcase, right next to Sadie Hall’s / Gordon Bitz’s bodies.

Employee: Stone Blanchard – By the second escape pod on the right.

More coming soon.

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