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The massive space station of Prey [2017] is littered with collectibles, items and upgrades you won’t want to miss. From e-mails, to employees, to keycards, fabrication plans, and heavy gear optimizers — anything that’s worth finding, we’ll list the location below.

Keeping track of all the items in Prey is no easy task. Each area houses dozens of different collectibles. For the purposes of this guide, we’re skipping notes and focusing only on what matters. Anything that unlocks an achievement / trophy or offers an upgrade is fair game. We’ll also include any especially useful items or caches you’ll want to grab while exploring the station.

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[Work-in-Progress: There is a truly massive amount of stuff in Prey. We’ll circle back and add anything we missed.]

There are many, many collectibles available to collect in Prey. To help you find them all, we’re going to list how to find them all, and which rooms in the station you’ll need to search to get them.

Yu’s Apartment

Email #1, #2, #3: In the apartment, login to Yu’s computer to check out three collectibles e-mails.

Yu’s Apartment [2nd Visit]

Email #4-#9: When Yu reappears in the apartment, be sure to check the computer and click each individual email.

Employee #1: Patricia Varma – Search the corpse of Patricia Varma. She’s the maintenance woman that’s dead, in the hall outside the apartment. After exiting the apartment, move left to find her.

Email #10, #11: Look on the computer on the desk when leaving your apartment through the shattered glass window.

Email #12, #13, #14: Enter the Simulation Debriefing office from the main floor and use the post-it-note on the computer to get the password.

Neuromod Lab

Disruptor Stun Gun: In the Simulation Debriefing room, jump onto the large blue computer bank device to the left as you enter to find a stash of items.

Email #1, #2: Into the fake TranStar building, enter the testing room with a row of chambers. Open the computer in the cubicle to find a collectible email you haven’t found yet.

Transcribe #1: Near the previous computer, look for the “EXIT” marked door in the hall. There’s a small table to the right of the door with your first audio transcribe.

Employee: Grete Mikkelsen – Up the stairs and moving toward Decontamination, follow the left path before entering the decon passage to find the corpse on the walkway.

Employee: Jovan Gravilovic – Another corpse is found on the ground directly after stepping through the decon chamber on the second floor.

Email #3, #4, #5+: Enter the Research & Design office on the second floor (through the decontamination chamber) and check the office to the left to find a computer. Check all the computers in the office to get the e-mails you need.

Email #6, #7 + Boltcaster Fabrication Plan: In the Research & Design office, hack the locked computer to collect missing emails, as well as the Boltcaster Fabrication Plan.

Simulation Lab Keycard: This keycard is located on the desk in Sylvain’s office, in the Research & Design area of the Transtar facility.

GLOO Gun: Enter through the locked Simulation Lab door and go left to find a corpse with the GLOO Gun and canisters of ammo on the ground nearby.

Employee: Veer Singh – On the corpse with the GLOO Gun in the Simulation Lab area.

Neuromod x1: Found in the display case, beyond the GLOO Gun drop location through the locked door that requires the Simulation Lab key. The mod is under a large “NEUROMOD” logo.

Weapon Upgrade Kit #1: Hack the door to the security room, in the Transtar lobby with the Neuromod display case.

Employee: Robert Gage – Go to the Conference Room in the Transtar foyer area. Check the corpse to add it to your roster.

Transcribe #2: Check the corpse in the Conference Room and don’t forget to take this audio transcribe.

Employee: Natasha Nikova – The corpse is hanging from the roof of the security station in the Transtar foyer.

Email: One email is available on the Security Station terminal. Use Hacking 2 to unlock it.

Employee: Jioa-Long Heng – The corpse is found in the blocked bathroom in the Division foyer. You’ll need Leverage 1 to move the heavy crate and crawl inside.

Level 2

Employee + Disruptor Stun Gun: V-010255-01 – The volunteer with a Disruptor Stun Gun is found to the left of the Volunteer Testing door.

Volunteer Quarters

NOTE: Use the code 9758 to enter the Volunteer Quarters.

Disruptor Stun Gun Fabrication Plan: Found on the desk, in the office to the left just as you enter through the main doors.

Empoyees: Two dead employees are found in the locker room of the Volunteer Quarters. The non-volunteer employee’s body has plenty of goods you can scavenge.


NOTE: To enter Fabrication, use the maintenance hatch in the security room to the left as you enter the Volunteer Quarters on the second level. Use the GLOO Gun to climb up to Level 3.

Employees: Divya Naaz + Richard Ivers – The corpse is found in the workshop you’ll first encounter when entering the Fabrication area through the maintenance hatch. One is on the ground, and the other is sitting in a chair.

Employee + Halden Graves’ Office Keycard: Frederick Steele – This corpse in the main Fabrication Floor area is holding the keycard to Graves’ office.

Email #1, #2: On the computer in Halden Graves’ office, on the second floor of the Fabrication area.

Transcribe: On the large conference room table, in Halden Graves’ office.

Employee: Halden Graves – His corpse is in the connecting room to his main office. He’s sitting in the corner, and carries lots of items.

Neuromod Fabrication Plan: One of the best Fabrication Plans you’ll find. This is found in Halden Graves’ office, on the conference table with the transcribe audio log.

There are more areas to explores, doors to unlock and safes to crack in this area. Check back soon for new updates!

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