Keep Duping With Another Prey Crafting Material Glitch


The first duping glitch has been patched out, but enterprising fans have found another here. Here’s how you can keep duping in the patched version of Prey [2017].

The fine people at Bethesda really don’t want glitches to ruin the finely balanced survival action in Prey, and I can’t blame them. Still, it’s just too fun to find glitches, bugs, and helpful dupes — and Redditor Aeramus has found a pretty cool new variation on the previous duping glitch that allowed players to multiply their material stacks with ease.

Use all those extra materials and make life easier on the Talos 1 Station with our Prey walkthrough right here.

Unlimited Material Glitch | Dupe Guide

NOTE: This infinite material dupe glitch can be used in the patched version of Prey. If you want to use the original dupe, simply delete your installation of Prey and reinstall clean without downloading any patches.

This glitch involves taking advantage of the Recycler, splitting up a single unit of any material type and results in earning a total of 48 units per dupe. Here’s how to do it.

Dupe Glitch 2.0 — Step-by-Step

  • 1. Place a material (any material) with a 1.00 value in the Recycler bin.
  • 2. Split the single 1.00 value material to fill all 48 slots in the Recycler bin.
  • 3. The Recycler terminal screen should read 1.00 material units.
  • 4. Quicksave, then Quickload.
  • 5. The Recycler terminal screen should now read 48.00 units.
  • 6. Activate the “Recycle” command and collect your materials.

Unfortunately, this method is significantly slower than the previous trick. But, it’s still pretty awesome — check out the gallery for pictures showing every step if you’re confused.

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