The Monopoly GO Grease & Glory
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Monopoly GO Grease & Glory Tournament Rewards, Milestones & Tips

Let's get our hands dirty with this new tournament.

It’s time to get our hands dirty, now that the Monopoly GO Grease & Glory event has gone live. Going hand in hand with the latest event, let’s find out what fantastic prizes we can earn during this event and how we can claim everything before it’s over.

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All Monopoly GO Grease & Glory Tournament Rewards – Listed

Below is the full list of rewards and milestones available during the Monopoly GO Grease & Glory event. There are a total of 30 claimable prizes during this event, so get ready to roll the dice and bring home some big wins.

Grease & Glory LevelGrease & Glory PointsGrease & Glory Rewards
150 Points60 Flags
240 Points45 Dice
380 Points100 Flags
4120 PointsGreen Sticker Pack
5140 Points160 Flags
6150 Points120 Dice
7130 Points160 Flags
8160 Points5-Minute High Roller
9180 Points180 Flags
10200 Points150 Dice
11250 PointsOrange Sticker Pack
12225 Points175 Dice
13300 Points300 Flags
14320 PointsPink Sticker Pack
15400 PointsCash
16375 Points300 Dice
17425 Points320 Flags
18500 PointsBlue Sticker Pack
19600 Points400 Dice
20650 Points320 Flags
21550 PointsBlue Sticker Pack
22700 Points20-Minute Mega Heist
23900 PointsCash
241,100 Points700 Dice
251,000 Points340 Flags
261,300 PointsCash
271,500 Points850 Dice
281,700 PointsCash
292,000 Points380 Flags
302,200 Points1,400 Dice

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Alongside a total of 4,140 earnable dice, you can look forward to claiming 2,320 Flags for the Tycoon Racers Partner event. You’ll want to keep on rolling if you’re hoping to strike it big during this Tournament, so make sure that you’re checking out our free dice links page to ensure you’ve got some spare dice lying around.

How to Earn Points During the Monopoly GO Grease & Glory Tournament

Different ways to earn points in Monopoly GO Reef Rush
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Want to hit it big during the Monopoly GO Grease & Glory Tournament? Make sure that you’re aiming for Railroad Spaces as you make your way around the board. While you’re not always guaranteed to hit them, you can prepare yourself for glory when you finally do by memorizing the point values as shown below:

  • Shutdown
    • Blocked – 2 Points
    • Success – 4 Points
  • Bank Heist
    • Small – 8 Points
    • Large – 12 Points
    • Bankrupt – 16 Points

If you want to get even more prizes, make sure that you’re using a Multiplier when you’re rolling around the board. For example, if you’ve got the x10 Multiplier on your rolls and you land on a Bank Heist, you can earn up to 160 points if you’re lucky enough to get a Bankrupt Bank Heist.

Make sure that you’ve also got a stacked friends list because you’ll find that it’s easier to get more dice, cash, and other prizes if you do. Taking advantage of the Community Chest on a daily basis is going to be the best way to keep your dice looking healthy, and that you’ve got a steady cash flow coming in. Make sure you know how to add friends to Monopoly GO so you’re always prepared for anything.

If you’re looking for more, check out our article covering all current and present Monopoly GO events, tournaments, games, and some FAQs. The game is available now on mobile.

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