Skip Reload Animations With This Quick Vanquish Trick


Now that Vanquish is on PC, why not enjoy faster reload times, too?

As an enhanced super soldier wielding an insane suit of armor, Vanquish tasks the player with taking down an endless onslaught of diabolical robots. They just keep coming, and the pace is insanely relentless — every second helps, and skipping those slow reload animations is a good step in the right direction.

The trick is super easy. This is no glitch, though it might count as an exploit. Seeing as Vanquish is all about the singleplayer experience, we’re not going to worry about taking advantage of this trick. Keep scrolling down to learn how to skip frames and speed up your reloads.

How To Skip Reload Animations | Faster Reload Trick

NOTE: This trick works for all versions of Vanquish.

To skip reloading in Vanquish, simply hit the weapon select button / key. By Default, the PC version of Vanquish uses [1], [2], and [3] to swap weapons.

  • Press [R] -> Press [1] or [2]

This will work whether you press reload or automatically reload after expending a full magazine. Just as the reload animation begins, swap and you’ll get a full magazine in a fraction of the time.

This works for all weapons in slot [1] or [2], but does not work for slot [3]. You’ll have to swap to a weapon in [1] or [2] then back to [3] to instantly reload. It’s still very fast.

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