Outlast 2 Walkthrough | Genesis Pt. 10 – The Road to the Mine


Begin an abortive quest to reach the mysterious mines of Outlast 2. There are cornfields, mills, and slaughterhouses — the southern horror trifecta.

Both the mill and the slaughterhouse feature puzzles you’ll need to solve to escape angry cultists and spike-wielding nuns. To successfully escape, you’ll need to find the mill crank, and the slaughterhouse hook. Don’t worry, we’ll help you get both.

This is the final challenging section before we move on to the second chapter of Outlast 2. The first chapter is by far the longest, and this lengthy section offers up more than two tricky sequences.

Survive the opening hours with The Escapist’s Outlast 2 Beginner’s Guide, with 11 tips to help you escape the citizens of Temple Gate.

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Genesis Pt. 10: The Road to the Mine

Lynn and Val (the heretic we saw earlier) have escaped to the mines outside of town. That’s where you’re going next. Leaving the church, a group of acolytes in hoods will spot you. Sprint down the path, straight ahead, to reach a door. Push it open and squeeze inside. Swerve through the shelves and up the steps to the water tower. Don’t miss the jump!

Hop on over and crawl through the fence to reach a nursery. Too bad all the kids are dead. The lady here ignores you, so walk on by and take the bandages from the sink. In the next room, exit through the window and enter the cornfield.

Like the other cornfield, you’ll just want to keep moving forward. Avoid any flashlight straight ahead, and move until you spot the tall lights on poles. Those will guide you to the mill.


Lock the door to the mill, then enter the office to take the crank. Go through the back door of the mill, and move upstairs to the crankshaft. Turn it to cut off the water supply, but watch out for the killer below. Wait for him to wander up the steps, then jump off the ledge and sprint indoors. Lock the door behind you, and crawl under the stopped mill wheel to get outside.

Follow the path around the weeds until you reach a pit with a burning steer. Turn left and enter the gates to encounter Marta yet again. She just won’t give up! Turn around, take the left path and look left for a tiny entrance into the barn. There’s a note and a bandage inside.

Wait inside, and Marta will eventually wander off. Rush past where she appeared and duck through the tiny crack in the fence. It’ll eventually lead to a disgusting slaughterhouse, which is only slightly more disgusting than everything else we’ve seen so far.

Cross the bloody path and go around to the office to pull the glowing chain and acquire the hook. Now you’ll need to backtrack to the barn. Exit through the crack to the right of the closed doors – then go through the fence you used to reach the slaughterhouse. Sprint back to the charred cow pit, and turn left. There’s a large barn door. Squeeze through, attach the hook to the gate on the far wall, and start pulling the chain!

Of course, Marta won’t let you off easy. She starts busting down the door. Be quick, pull the chain a few times before sprinting and sliding to the exit. A quick kick to the face slows her down, and you’ll finally find the long path to the mines.

Follow the dusty path to a creepy building with a note at the base of the steps. There’s no apparent way inside through the door, but you can crawl through the crack above the jam. Jump on in to fall into a fourth dream sequence.

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