Outlast 2 Walkthrough | Genesis Pt. 3 – The Compound


Sneak and sprint through the first truly deadly section of Outlast 2 with the full walkthrough, explaining every step of your temporary escape.

Things go from bad to worse in The Compound. At this point, swarms of angry cultists patrol the farm grounds, while a massive, hulking nun armed with a spiked cross hunts after you for the rest of the chapter. She isn’t about to give up.

Stumbling into the outskirts of the cultist territory, you’ll need to use tall grass and beds to hide, then sprint to escape their pitchforks and machetes. It’s going to be tough, but we’ll explain all the steps you’ll need to survive.

Survive the opening hours with The Escapist’s Outlast 2 Beginner’s Guide, with 11 tips to help you escape the citizens of Temple Gate.

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Genesis Pt. 3: The Compound

Continue down the path to find a mysterious town in the far distance. Black sounds relieved, but if I saw a town like that, I don’t think I’d be as excited. Jump the fence, but the first house won’t respond. The second house down the hill can be explored – the door bangs when you knock, and there’s a note on the table in the kitchen, right next to a butchered corpse.

Ahead, turn left at the steer corpse to spot a man in the distance. He’ll fade into the shadows – this is a good time to learning about hiding.

  • [Tutorial] Look for barrels in the environment. If you’re being chased, and an enemy doesn’t see you enter, you can hide inside a barrel. Use the leaning controls to peak out from hiding spots, and more hiding spots will become available as you progress in the game. You can also hide in cupboards.

Continuing on, stick to the left to find a strange “tragedy wall” on the barbed wire fence. Turn right and open the unlocked window. Press [Jump] as you push against the window to slide inside. In this creepy house, find the deadbolt and remove it to get through the door.

Back outside, turn left and crawl through the hole in the wire fence. Follow the dirty, pitch-black path to a spooky cellar entrance-way. The inscription is in Latin – it reads something like… “Satan” and “God”… but what’s the rest?

Downstairs, we’ll find a disgusting crib, and a note. Beyond the bloody manger, there’s a mass grave of child corpses. We’re just going to keep going – back outside, crouch at the gate to crawl under the tiny space.


Ahead, you’ll encounter your first killer after approaching the campsite. It appears from the darkness ahead, and it will spot you no matter what. Retreat back to the shed and circle around to run past where she first appeared.

Look to the ground between the gate and the barred barn doors – there’s an area you can crouch and crawl through. Hop the waist-high walls in the barn and pull the small cart near the busted ladder. When you pull it back, climb on top and jump to the space above.

Crawl through the loft until the floor gives way – dumping you back down into the barn. After putting on your glasses, you’ll encounter that same murderous woman. If she caught you, she really has a problem with Blake’s junk. This time, she just whispers ominously.

Exit the barn through the open window and crawl into the next home beyond the generator station. Inside, you’ll learn about a mechanic that’s brand new to Outlast 2.


  • [Tutorial] Use Audio Mode to locate sounds through walls or doors. Don’t forget to use this often. It helps a lot when using stealth. You can predict enemy movement much easier. But it also drains batteries pretty fast.

Open the door, and a killer will spot you. Quickly close it and use the deadbolt to slow the killer down! Deadbolts don’t keep people out forever, so you better hide. Crawl under the bed and wait for the killer to finish searching. He gives up pretty fast. After he leaves, go right directly through the busted door and crawl in the waist-high grass to stay out of view. These psychos won’t spot you.

Cross through the grass to the path with the outhouses. Watch out, another patrolling killer is here. Use the barrel to hide and wait for him to pass, then continue toward the giant cross in the distance. Crawl into the house through the window, from the tall grass near the outhouses. There’s a deadbolt and a bed here – if you’re caught, run inside, close the door, deadbolt and hide under the bed.

Stick to the right-side path and sprint behind the patrolling goons, running the back-left corner of the field to find a path to the church. Another bright light appears in the distance, stopping a swarm of killers from approaching.


At the church, enter through the hole in the wooden fence to the left of the gates. Crawl through and enter the church to hear an ominous sermon from an unknown speaker. It’s clear they have Lynn. Run inside the church and enter the door on the right. There’s a note – grab it and take the stairs down into the prison basement. The key is on the left wall, opposite the caged area. The prison itself is fulled of beaten, tortured people. They’re still alive, but there’s nothing you can do.

Crawl through the space in the cages to the left to reach the exit door. Use the key to unlock the door and don’t miss the bandages before taking the ladder up and out of the basement. Things are sounding worse for Lynn, so let’s hurry out of here.

Inside the church living quarters, rush upstairs and open the door on the second floor. Follow the hallway to the window in the back left corner to watch Lynn’s narrow escape. Crawl out of the window and drop down to meet up with her, then get running down the narrow canyon to the riverbed below.


Down below, more believers will attack Blake and Lynn, pinning them both down – but it isn’t long before another faction appear. Called “heretics”, and flanked by strange creatures, their leader calls Lynn the “mother” before dragging her off. She was claiming stomach pains.

Back in control, it’s time to evade the search parties. Continue down river toward the building in the far distance. There are more small structures on the water, with guards wielding flashlights moving around. Use the flashlights beams to judge their movement.

Stay in the water, and crouch to hide for a short period of time. Lean to peak out and see if they’ve moved on. If you’re caught, follow the wooden bridges and sprint to the lit-up building in the back-right corner of the area.

As you enter, another wave of light will transport you to the school…

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