Outlast 2 Walkthrough | Genesis Pt. 9 – The Chapel


Say hello to the Outlast 2 cult leader Knoth. The Chapel immediately leads into a frantic scramble. Here’s how to escape the cultist hunters.

You’ll find disgusting birthing rituals in the nursery basement and bear witness to an inhuman torture session all in a single section of Chapter 1: Genesis. Knoth, the leader of the Temple Gate cult, appears in person, giving Blake his closest look yet at this manipulative tyrant.

The real danger is the lengthy scripted escape sequence. You’ll need to follow the steps below exactly to survive.

Survive the opening hours with The Escapist’s Outlast 2 Beginner’s Guide, with 11 tips to help you escape the citizens of Temple Gate.

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Genesis Pt. 9: The Chapel

Back in reality, a psycho has a knife to Blake’s throat. He throws you down the stairs. Quickly sprint down the hallway, exit through the door to the right of the second killer, and run into the building across the courtyard. Hop over the table and turn left, then enter the second doorway ahead. Close and bolt the door, then circle around to a crawlspace entrance.

Crawl through, ignoring the flashlights of the search party, and exit out back inside at the well courtyard. Run through the open door in the building across your exit to avoid more incoming killers, and enter the door to the left to temporarily escape.

Now you’re in a brightly-painted nursery with bars on the doors. Strange, but find the nearest hiding spot. You’ll need it. Ahead, a killer kicks down the door. Sprint and circle around the wall, then hide and wait for him to pass before continuing downstairs.


A second searcher will ambush you down the steps. Hide, wait for him to lose interest, then push the shelf out of the way in the back-left corner of the lower room. You can also tank a hit or two and push the shelf enough to sneak through, healing with bandages after the encounter.

The dark passage leads into another super-creepy sight. Beds with chains. What exactly was going on here? Don’t dwell too long and exit out into the well pit. Crawl along the ledge on the right, and take the stairs up to leave.

Things get tricky in the house. Goons spot Blake almost immediately. Rush to the second floor and crawl through the boarded up door. Jump down from the balcony and immediately turn left. Hop the fence to avoid the incoming runners, and swerve left – there’s a man waiting at the door. Instead of running into him, slide into the crawlspace directly to the right of him.

Crawl, crawl, and keep crawling. On the other side, avoiding pitchforks through the floor boards, run the to lit-up shed window. Jump in, then interact with the floor – keep doing it fast! You’ll stomp through the floorboards, allowing Blake to crawl down another narrow passage.

You’re finally (mostly) home free. Go through the bright basement window for a moment of rest. In the work room of the basement, don’t miss the bandage. Upstairs, you’ll find this is a very old schoolhouse. The place has been torn apart, and the chairs seemingly move on their own. Continue upstairs to the attic, and exit out the window to slide down to the outside.

Now that you’re outside, push the wheelbarrow to the gate to climb over. Don’t worry, the crazy old praying ladies don’t attack unless you get too close. The shed to the right has another bandage you won’t want to miss.

Continue down the main path. Turn right to get a good view of the exit gate. You’ll need to push the cart all the way to the gate – of course, it isn’t that easy. Marta appears again. There are plenty of places to run, but the best spot is the crawlspace through the fence, to the right where the wheeled cart was first located. Slide through the hole and sprint to the nearest barrel.

Hide and you’ll lose track of Marta. She’ll simply disappear, allowing you to finish pushing the cart to the gate. When she does appear again, stop pushing, jump on the cart, and jump to the gate for a dramatic escape.


Knoth’s church awaits on the path ahead. Inside, you’ll find a tortured man on a wheel to the right of Knoth’s massive throne. Unfortunately, you can’t help him. Instead, hide in the confessional and watch the disgusting scene play out – you’ll learn a few things from the exposition.

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