Outlast 2 Walkthrough | Job Pt. 6 – The School Roof


Navigate the School Rooftop and encounter that terrifying multi-handed monster in the next part of our walkthrough for Outlast 2.

The school dream gets even more surreal as Blake chases Jess from the rooftops, down to the courtyard, through the underground and back to the cafeteria. You’ll have to keep moving to avoid a violent end.

This chapter ends with a surreal and tricky sequence. You’ll need to use the Audio setting on the camera to track sound in the pitch-black void.

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Job Pt. 6: The School Roof

The snowy rooftop doesn’t appear too threatening – until your vision goes blurry, and your camera skips thanks to fresh distortions in the dark. Follow the straightforward path along the cooling units and sprint toward the railing under the lights.

Jump to climb the railing, then continue forward, using the light in the distance as your guide. Look left of the light and enter the open gate, then immediately turn right. Rush to the open door and push into the stairwell.

If you’re too slow, the demonic creature will catch up with you. Rush down the steps, and a creature will appear at the bottom. Immediately turn around and run back up – once again, the creature is up there. Wheel around and run to the bottom floor where it’s safe and burst through the door to the courtyard.

Find the hatch in the corner, behind the benches, and open it. It can be hard to see – look for a black square in the snow. Pull open the hatch and crawl inside. Down in the underground passage, turn left and sprint toward the ladder to avoid the incoming stalker. The ladder leads up and into the kitchen.


Exit out into the main cafeteria from the kitchen and take a look at the note on the center table. The mural flashes with bright light, and the tree roots reach out to pull Blake into an area of complete darkness.

To escape, you’ll need to activate the Audio mode on your camera. There’s no light at all, so use Jess’ voice to lead the way. Don’t be slow, or the creature will catch up to you. Sprint when you locate her voice, even if it’s just a tiny blip, and you’ll eventually escape this dream.

This is just the start of our full walkthrough for Outlast 2. Check out the rest of the parts as we continue to update in the Table of Contents above.

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