Outlast 2 Walkthrough | Job Pt. 4 – A Call for Help

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The nightmare takes a turn for the deadly in Outlast 2 as we explore the dream in the A Call for Help sequence.

Finally, the dream is dangerous. A demonic monstrosity appears from the offices and attacks. It’s faster than it looks, so start sprinting the moment it appears. You’ll be able to judge its distance by watching the corrupt distortion that spreads to the walls whenever it appears.

Thankfully, this section is pretty short. You won’t spend too long running for your life. Below, we’ll give some tips to help you escape, and hopefully save you from freaking out too hard.

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Job Pt. 4: A Call for Help

Looking into Blake’s camera, you’ll return to the same school. This time, you’re even earlier. Look at the hangman note on the cafeteria table, then leave through the open doors on the right.

Take a left into the familiar hallway, and then turn right. All the doors are open from your last visit. Go to the far end and enter the teacher’s office hall to the right. Be prepared to run, because a nightmarish abomination with many hands appears through the door ahead – that’s where the ringing is coming from.


Run back to the main hallway and find a locker to hide inside. Wait for a short time, and the monster will despawn, allowing you to safely return to the office and answer the phone. Too bad – the phone isn’t a friendly call. Whoever is on the other end has a serious hatred for Blake.

Backtrack, and another monster will appear. Run back to the main hall and turn left to spot Jess in the distance. Follow her! Run into the same locker she hides in to escape this dream.

This is just the start of our full walkthrough for Outlast 2. Check out the rest of the parts as we continue to update in the Table of Contents above.

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