Outlast 2 Walkthrough | Lamentations Pt. 2 – Raining Blood


There’s plenty of the red stuff in Raining Blood, the second sequence of Chapter 3. It’s time for another trip to Outlast 2 and its demented school.

Enjoy a wash of crimson in the literal “Raining Blood” section. Danger is around every corner, and your personal demon won’t stop chasing you down. Starting off with a chase in extreme darkness, you’ll have to weave around and sprint across the school to escape this unwelcome, jarring visit.

Survive the opening hours with The Escapist’s Outlast 2 Beginner’s Guide, with 11 tips to help you escape the citizens of Temple Gate.

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Lamentations Pt. 2: Raining Blood

The jarring return to the school is almost invisible, but you’re immediately in danger. The area is pitch-black, and your camera won’t see far. Straight ahead, the demon is waiting. All you can see is its bright eyes. Immediately turn around and sprint. You’ll hit the edge of the pool. Climb up and out to escape.

Attempt to leave through the bright exit door and you’ll find it locked. Try the Girl’s Locker room next and record the shower of blood to get a collectible. Open the rattling bathroom stall to witness a clogged toilet… full of blood! Gross.


On your way out, Jess will scream and lead you through the Boy’s Locker Room. The back door is now open. Take the hallway to reach the stairs and encounter that grabby-hands demon. Run in the opposite direction and go through the double doors – you’ll be pulled back, and the doors will lock, forcing you to go the opposite path. Backtrack and go through the hallway where the demon appeared.

Enter the door down the long passage and you’ll be greeted with an endless stream of blood! Yes, blood is pouring from the sprinkler system. Jess is yelling for help, rush down the halls until you find an open maintenance office to the left. Get inside and climb the ladder to exit the dream.

This is just the start of our full walkthrough for Outlast 2. Check out the rest of the parts as we continue to update in the Table of Contents above.

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