The bustling Temple Gate Town Square is Blake’s next objective in Outlast 2. Knoth and his twisted followers are located at the top of the hill, but getting there won’t be easy.

Down the hill from the Heretic Caves, Blake encounters a deactivated elevator. Here, you’ll need to stealth through the Temple Gate village and reach the generator room. Turning on the power is just the start, and sprinting back to the lift brings back a familiar killer.

See where to find the generator to reactivate the lift, and how to escape Marta’s wrath in part 7 of our complete Outlast 2 walkthrough.

Survive the opening hours with The Escapist’s Outlast 2 Beginner’s Guide, with 11 tips to help you escape the citizens of Temple Gate.

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Genesis Pt. 7: Temple Gate Town Square

After escaping the spooky cavern, take the path down to a cellar entrance. The passage leads into a spooky basement. Don’t worry, you’re mostly safe – go up to the second floor and push the shelf out of the door’s path to exit into the town proper. Straight ahead, you’ll find an elevator. Too bad it isn’t getting any power.

You need a generator, and there’s one in the tall building on the far end of the town. On the main path, filled with corpses and creepy messages, you’ll encounter a wandering woman. Don’t worry, she’ll leave you alone. It’s the men with flashlights you have to worry about.


Stick to the right path of the town, moving up and toward the large structure up the straight ramp. Enter the garage door on the right, and sprint up the stairs in the back-right of the dark machining room. Take the stairs all the way up to enter the generator room.

Activate the generator with a few pulls of the cord. But – there’s a killer waiting right behind you! Turn away again, run around the generator, and she’ll disappear. Time to sprint home for that elevator at the start of the town path.

Downstairs, you’ll have another encounter with “Marta” – the tall woman wielding a spiked cross. When she appears, sprint back to the landing with the burning corpse on the cross. Either run a circle around her, or lead her up and use the ledge to drop down onto the path toward the elevator. Get to that lift and you’re home free.

Riding up, you’ll exit out to a courtyard with ominous singing in the air. Go toward the illuminated well in the center straight ahead, and look inside for a shock. The area transforms, and a slithering tongue grabs Blake, pulling him into the well. After a short fall, you’ll appear inside the ducts of the school.

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