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Roblox Game Codes (July 2024)

Throughout the ever-expanding Roblox-verse, there are games aplenty. New games are made every day, especially those with redeemable codes. We compiled a list of many different games and organized them for your convenience. If you are looking for Roblox game codes for your favorite games or just need a new experience to play, this list is for you.

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All Roblox Games Codes

All Tower Defense Games Codes

This is a sub-genre of strategy games where the player needs to defend their base from a wave of enemies. Use your wits and strategic skills to place units perfectly and stop the invaders.

All Clicker Games Codes

Enjoy a relaxing time with casual games where your main objective is to click—and that’s it! If you want games to grind casually, these are the perfect choice for you.

All Action RPG Games Codes

Combining the best elements of both action and role-playing games, these titles will have you fight, swing swords, and shoot—all while leveling up your character and getting bigger and better equipment and skills.

All Racing Games Codes

Compete against other players and be the first to cross the finish line. Whether you like races in cars, planes, on horses, or good old-fashioned running, Roblox has more than enough options.

All Simulator Games Codes

If you want to step in the shoes of CEOs, gangsters, restaurant employees, mad scientists, or just casual fishers, there are simulator games aplenty to show you what it’s like to live a life that’s different from yours.

All UGC Games Codes

For players who want to showcase or earn user-generated content for their Robloxian, there are games just for such occasions.

All Tycoon Games Codes

This is a genre for the methodical and organized. Collect funds in order to build and manage your business/industry and showcase the efforts of your labor to everyone around.

All Sports Games Codes

If you don’t want to leave the leisure and comfort of your home but still want to experience the beauty of sports and fitness, sports Roblox games were made with precisely that in mind.

All RNG Games Codes

For everyone who likes to live life on the edge and enjoy games of chance where you can either lose everything or be the talk of the town with your rare items, these games are just for you.

All Battlegrounds Games Codes

The list below contains games where people talk with their fists—or any other equipment they use for combat. You just drop in and start blasting.

All Party Games Codes

If you have a group that just wants to have a good laugh, enjoy various types of games made for lighthearted fun with your friends.

If you didn’t see a game you’d like to see codes for, comment below. We update these articles every day. Just remember to bookmark your favorite game and check back here and there to find the newest codes. If you want to browse on your own for more guides and codes, check out our Roblox Guides section here on The Escapist.

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